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SunBio The PEGylation Expert
Welcome to SunBio.

SunBio is a biotech company developing biosimilars, biopharmaceuticals, and medical devices based on our proprietary technologies of pegylation.
SunBio’s biosimilar product, PEG-filgrastim, has been marketed in India since 2008, and gained a marketing approval in Canada in 2018, and gained a marketing approval in EU in 2018.
Products currently under development are a treatment for xerostomia, a visco-supplement for arthritic knee, a treatment for brain stroke, and a treatment for diabetic retinopathy.
SunBio offers a variety of PEG product, or activated PEG derivatives, that are crucial ingredients in the art of PEGylation. GMP manufacturing facility for manufacturing of PEG products is in operation.